Please allow us to introduce ourselves. We are Compete2Complete, a recently established LLC based out of San Diego. Founded by Tracy Stayton and Jeanette Davey, our goal is to give back to the community and build awareness of the challenges we all face. Although these challenges may not be the same, we are all linked together.


Our assortment of upcycled, handmade jewelry physically embodies this mantra as it is made from clean links of used bike chain. A portion of our sales are linked to pre-determined partner non-profits and a percentage of revenue goes directly to their cause. By purchasing items from our store you are linking back to your community and those causes that are linked to your heart.
We would be honored for you to share in our mission and grow our chain by linking to you.


No matter our differences, we are all linked together…as athletes on the course, as spectators cheering, as humans helping.

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